EU Legislation

In 2012, the Court of Justice of the EU passed a judgement that consumers who arrived at their destination three or more hours late could claim up to €600 in compensation.

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About Us

Capella Compensation are here to help you through this process, using our experience in this field to ensure you get the money you deserve.

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Claim Steps

Once you have completed the claim form we will take care of the rest, including any letters to airlines/solicitors and court proceedings.

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How we Help

Our no win no fee policy means we take all the risks, and our years of experience in this field mean you get your compensation quicker

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I no longer have all of my travel documents. Can I still submit a flight delay compensation claim?
It’s best to retain all travel documents (such as tickets, booking confirmations, boarding passes and emails from the airline), because you may be asked to provide them at a later point. If these documents are no longer available, having proof of payment of your original ticket may still allow us to process your flight delay claim. However, travel agents or even the airline itself can often provide copies of documents if requested.

How Long Do I Have to claim flight delay compensation?
In England & Wales, the limitation for adults to claim is set at 6 years from the date of the flight that you experienced the delay. If there was a minor on the flight, they have 6 years from their 18th birthday to make a flight delay claim. We advise that you start your delay claim as soon as possible.

There were other people that I flew with. Can I submit a flight delay claim for them as well?
When submitting your delay claim, you can add several passengers to the passenger list. However, all passengers will need to have travelled under the same booking; if this wasn’t the case, separate claims will need to be submitted for each booking as the correspondence with the airline will also need to be done separately. Please also note that minors travelling on a free ticket are ineligible.

How long does it take to submit my flight delay claim?
Once you’ve submitted your delay claim with us, we will contact you within 3 business days to let you know whether your delay claim passed our secondary assessment. After this, the claiming process can commence. We will notify you of the steps we take via your login account and your timeline. The length of the process varies according to the number of steps we will need to take.

Flight Delay Compensation Amounts
– 3 hours+ up to 1,500km = €250
– 3 hours+ 1,500km to 3,500km = €400
– 3 hours+ 3,500km = €400 (flights within the EU only)
– 3-4 hours 3,500km+ = €300 (flights between an EU and a non EU airport e.g. Manchester to New York)
– 3 hours+ 3,500km+ = €600

How much do you charge?
Capella Compensation and our nominated solicitors act under a no win no fee compensation agreement. This means that if we take your case on and we are not successful, we won’t charge you for our services. We also do not charge any initial fees for starting a claim with us. If your flight delay claim is a success as a result of Capella Compensation obtaining settlement from the airline, you will pay a 25% fee agreed when completing the sign up process of your claim.

Which bank account will the compensation be transferred to?
This depends on the situation. In most cases, the compensation will be transferred to our bank account by the airline. We will then ask you to provide your bank account details so we can transfer the compensation to you, after our fee has been deducted. In the event the compensation is transferred to the client’s account we will send an invoice for the 25% fee.

I submitted a claim directly with the airline, but it was rejected. Can I still submit a flight delay claim with you?
Yes, it’s still possible to submit your delay claim with us, as airlines generally reject the initial request submitted stating ‘extraordinary circumstances’. After you’ve submitted your claim, we will assess what options we have. In some cases, we may decide to skip some steps, based on the specific situation and the airline’s initial response.

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“Thank you for your help in getting my friends and my wife and I compensation. I tried myself for over two years without success but it only took you 2 months to obtain the proper awards. Your service was superb and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.” D. Jackson - Liverpool